If we haven’t already, it’s important to sit down and discuss all these details in person.  We will need a clear definition of what your goals are, i.e. long term investment or short term, and the amount you are comfortable initially investing.  At that point, we will present you with any current opportunities that fit that criteria or contact you as soon as we have one that fits.


If you have any interest in this opportunity, please contact our office by phone at  818 613 4776

                                                         Business team in a meeting.



Word of mouth is typically how we are able to work with private lenders like you.  It would be greatly appreciated if you passed our information on to anyone that may be interested in the opportunity to be a lender. In our business, it’s always important that we have a steady stream of lenders.  Once you’ve done a few deals with us and you’ve learned how we’re purchasing so low, you may attempt to do it on your own.  If that’s your goal, we’re happy to help you any way we can.