Cash serves as one of the quickest means for funding property purchase deals in just minutes as it is easy to access Cash in all type of bank accounts. All you need to pay is some small fee for wire transfers and cashier’s checks.


Home Equity Line of Credit

A home equity line of credit (HELOC) is a loan under a condition in which a lender admits to pay a capital amount provided the borrower’s equity in his/her home as the collateral. As a home is often considered as the most valuable asset of a consumer, it serves as one of the credible ways private lenders fund deals.


Personal & Business Lines of Credit

If you have a stable income with good credit, personal loan & signature lines of credit can be considered as an easy way and get invested in real estate.


Retirement Accounts

IRA funds are also considered as a reliable way and can be used for a number of investments. Many private lenders use their self-directed IRA to buy various types of investment including real estate.


Liquidated Securities & Investments

If investments in securities and stocks have not always worked out as projected, many private lenders liquidate their investments and try investing in other prospective industry such as real estate.




Common Ways Private Lenders

Fund Deals